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Hey! Am Keith Chad.Coding has changed my world.Its not just about apps. Learning to Code gave me problem-solving skills amd a way to communicate with others on a technical level. I can also develop websites and use my coding skills to get a better Job.

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App development

I got into Android App Development because I wanted to know how applications created and this opened up a new world of opportunities for me.

web Development

Web Development is very awesome.

Web design

Web design is very awesome.Imagine all your imaginations in a website form!

latest works

I have been working on a number of projects both in app development and web development. Below I show you some of my latest work since I got into Software Development.

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WhatsApp Clone

Keith Chad

single project

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voice Recorder

Material Design Voice Recorder

Keith Chad

instagram clone

Instagram Clone

Keith Chad

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If you want to ask me anything on either Android Development or Web Development you can feel free to cantact me by just pressing the button below even if you want to ask for some advice you can also feel free to contact me.

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Game Development

Unity Game Engine


Journey In Tech


Before I start, Let me talk a little about my background. I was born from a single mum in the year 2003.She has taken care of me as a mother should for all those years.She is a very strong woman and i really love her.



Since I knew about carreers back when i was in kindargaten, I had always wished to become a pilot.But when this year began, everything changed.I use dto be good with computers in the past but had never thought any carrer concerning tech.



I sat down and decided that i was going to become a software engineer.I didnt know where to start from at this time.Days passed,weeks passed and then months till we were in 2019.



I didnt know that in this year my life was going to change.I went to my first Science and Engineering Fair but unluckily, I failed at the zonals and hence I could not proceed to the next level.I told myself that i would try again the following year. In the same year(2019), I got into a team know as ROBO 101.This is a group that used their knowledge in tech to solve world problems one of them being helping amputees by innovating a cheap Voice Controlled Robotic Hand which can be accesed by any one even those with low income. Later that year we got an award for being best exhibitors at the Lake Basin Innovation & Investments week in Kisumu. After this, I went for my first GDG which was held in Kisumu. This is where i met my Mentor(Juma Allan-Android Engeineer). Here is where i decided i would become an Android Developer I honestly didnt know where to start from.I did my research and decided to start learning Java Programming Language.



I wasn't getting anything, I wasnt understanding Java.Sometimes I would think of giving up and going back to my previous dream career-Pilot.



But because i was strong, I didnt give up and i decided to get into Android App Development first then i got into Front End Web Development.Since I got into both, I have always enjoyed doing them.



GitHub set to replace terms associated with Slavery

The World's Largest repository host has said it will drop terms like "master" and "slave" for more neutral Terminology like "main/primary/default" and "secondary".

Sony games unveils PS5 Design.

Sony has finally unveiled the PS5's design along with a host of games that will kick off a new generation described as a "paradigm shift".

Google further Opens Maps To Developers.

Google has increased the access developers have to Maps, providing the ability to build things such as games which offer alternative versions of the real world.

COVID-19 causes drop in UK Software Development.

New Research "Sonatype" suggests COVID-19 has caused a 28 percent drop in UK Software Development. Sonatype measured open-source software download requests from The Central repository